Friday, 15 April 2016

China develops home-grown human-like robot

China’s University of Science and Technology released a human-like robot that is comparable to Japanese models seen in the past on Friday. Not only does it have the face of a beautiful woman, it also capable of interacting with people next to “her.”
Named “Jia Jia,” the face of the life-sized robot is drawn from five attractive female students from the university. Equipped with basic functions, such as making conversation, facial expressions, as well as gestures, it’s apparently more than Siri with a pretty face.
Before Jia Jia, Japanese engineer Hiroshi Ishiguro made his name in the field of making life-like robotics. A notable development from him is the Actroid, a humanoid robot with a lifelike appearance and visible behavior, such as facial movements.
The University also added the robot is “the first of its kind in China”

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